Info Extraction & Geo-inferencing Projects

keywords: geoparsing, geocoding, entity extraction, NER, REGEX

Xponents - Geotagging APIs to work with gazetteers and multilingual extraction of geography, date/time, patterns. A pre-built Docker microservice is available with a complete operational gazetteer and geotagger. Example applications demonstrate the use of Tika for rendering inputs and GISCore (below) for output formats to demonstrate end-to-end solutions. The geotagger features the Solr TextTagger. Last updated 2022-June.

OpenSextantToolbox - A geotagger and entity extractor employing GATE. Last updated in 2017.

Semantic Technologies

HOWLER - Translate between simple English text and OWL ontologies

HOWLER Kanban - HOWLER combined with Kanban (based on Wekan )

GIS Libraries

giscore - GIS file data format streaming input and output library

geodesy - Geodetic primitive library

Retired Modules