Interface Geocoding

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    Country, GeocoordMatch, Place

    public interface Geocoding
    extends LatLon
    An interface that describes any data that can be geocoded -- the metadata behind deriving location is as important as the actual location is. Important features include location precision, confidence and method. For confidence, the Xponents convention is a 100 point integer scale. For precision, report the accuracy of your geocoding in terms of meters of error, e.g., precision = 5000 (m) suggests your geocoding around point (Y,X) has an error of 5 KM.
    Marc C. Ubaldino, MITRE, ubaldino at mitre dot org
    • Method Detail

      • isPlace

        boolean isPlace()
        true if geocoding represents a named place
      • isCoordinate

        boolean isCoordinate()
        isCoordinate: if this object represents a coordinate
        true if geocoding represents a coordinate
      • hasCoordinate

        boolean hasCoordinate()
        has Coordinate: if this named place object has a coordinate.
        true if geocoding represents has a valid lat, lon
      • isCountry

        boolean isCountry()
      • isAdministrative

        boolean isAdministrative()
      • getPrecision

        int getPrecision()
        Precision - radius in meters of possible error
        precision error radius
      • setPrecision

        void setPrecision​(int m)
        Precision - radius in meters of possible error
        m - meters of error
      • getCountryCode

        java.lang.String getCountryCode()
      • setCountryCode

        void setCountryCode​(java.lang.String cc)
      • setCountry

        void setCountry​(Country c)
      • getAdmin1

        java.lang.String getAdmin1()
      • getAdmin2

        java.lang.String getAdmin2()
      • getAdminName

        java.lang.String getAdminName()
      • getAdmin1Name

        java.lang.String getAdmin1Name()
      • getAdmin2Name

        java.lang.String getAdmin2Name()
      • getFeatureClass

        java.lang.String getFeatureClass()
      • getFeatureCode

        java.lang.String getFeatureCode()
      • getPlaceID

        java.lang.String getPlaceID()
      • getPlaceName

        java.lang.String getPlaceName()
      • setPlaceName

        void setPlaceName​(java.lang.String n)
      • getAdmin1PostalCode

        java.lang.String getAdmin1PostalCode()
        State-level postal code, the corresponds usually to ADM1
        optional postal code
      • getPlacePostalCode

        java.lang.String getPlacePostalCode()
        City-level postal code, that may be something like a zip. Thinking world-wide, not everyone calls these zipcodes, as in the US.
        optional postal code
      • getMethod

        java.lang.String getMethod()
        Method for determining geocoding
      • setMethod

        void setMethod​(java.lang.String m)
      • getConfidence

        int getConfidence()
        Confidence metric is a normalized 100-point scale. Xponents conventions are simple, so value of confidence is an integer.
        value on a 100 point scale.
      • setConfidence

        void setConfidence​(int c)
        Set confidence, a value on a 100 point scale, 0-100. Yes values above or below scale are allowed, however it may be difficult to compare such values. The intent is to normalize all confidence metrics to this relative scale for your application.
        c - confidence