Package org.opensextant.extractors.poli

Patterns Of Life (PoLi)

Patterns are all around us.

We expanded the use cases of geographic coordinates and date/time patterns into other common patterns that occur in daily life and business: telephone numbers, URLs, money/currency, cyber addresses, etc.  These work best when you are trying to make all of your entity extraction look similar to the standard Xponents approach rendering things down to TextMatch annotation objects

Since pattern development is required here, we strongly suggest you start by looking at the tester TestPoLi, which has a main program.

    ant -f ./script/testing.xml  test-poli   <args>

Available patterns in this toolkit are listed at src/main/resources/poli_patterns.cfg

You develop a pattern, a test case for it, and then iteratively refine as you test -- using the the TestPoLi tool to test if your patterns are working.