Class GeocoordPattern

  • public class GeocoordPattern
    extends RegexPattern
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      GeocoordPattern​(java.lang.String _fam, java.lang.String _variant, java.lang.String _description)  
    • Method Summary

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    • Field Detail

      • cce_family

        public java.lang.String cce_family
        Only as defined in your configured patterns, e.g., "DM", "DMS"; However this set of values should align with XConstants enumerations.
      • cce_variant

        public java.lang.String cce_variant
        Only as defined in your configured patterns, e.g., the "01" in "DM-01"
      • cce_family_id

        public int cce_family_id
        XConstants value for the family
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeocoordPattern

        public GeocoordPattern​(java.lang.String _fam,
                               java.lang.String _variant,
                               java.lang.String _description)
        _fam -
        _variant -
        _description -