Package org.opensextant.extractors.xtemporal

XTemporal: Date and Time Pattern Extraction

XTemporal allows you to extract and normalize date/time patterns.  Current library is seven (7) most common date patterns.  This shadows developments with FlexPat and XCoord.


From the command line you can quickly test XCoord on a set of given test cases or provide a file of your own.

ant -f ./script/testing.xml 
file?    test/mytest.txt
ant test-default

... runs internal unit tests coupled with the given patterns configuration file

Programmatically, the essential usage is:

 XTemporal xdt = new XTemporal(true);


XTempResult res = xdt.extract_dates(buf, id);

// print our res.matches

Pattern Definition

(coming)  See ./src/main/resources/datetime_patterns.cfg