OpenSextant Xponents 3.4.0 API

Xponents: Extract Geo, Time and other Patterns from Data

The Xponents Java API is hinged on the data and extraction packages.  The actual extractors make use of the primitives put forth in the former packages along with the items in the utilities (util) package.   To compose full pipeline applications like those in the Examples project, you then would hopefully make use of XText for converting and extracting text from data as input, and using the Xponents output package for generating GIS or other outputs.

List of Extraction actitivies and related APIs
Task API Class
Extract & normalize geocoordinate (aka latitude/longitude, MGRS) patterns
Extract & normalize temporal patterns
Define, extract and normalize any regular expression pattern entities
PatternsOfLife (poli)
Define, extract, and normalize taxonomic data, as simple as a word lists or something more intricate
Extract and geocode named places
Generate GIS formats for Xponents "geo" outputs
AbstractFormatter(s), see Examples
Simplistic pipeline, allows you to add any extractor above to a stack, along with a number of formatters for output formatting.


        task = Xponent() // an Extractor implementation

        // a TextInput keeps input buffers paired with an ID
        // ID will be tracked through output results, in formatters, etc.

        TextInput in = new TextInput(id, text)
        in.lang = "es"; // Spanish
         List<TextMatch> matches = task.extract( in );
        // Or more simply put:
        matches = task.extract( text )

        //Alternatively,  create a group of extractors
         * XtractorGroup grp = new XtractorGroup()
         * .... configure task1
         *    grp.addExtractor( task1 )
         * .... task2
         *    grp.addExtractor( task2 )
         *  grp.addFormatter( shapefileOutput )
         *  grp.addFormatter( gdbOutput )
         *  grp.addFormatter( csvOutput )
         *  As processing and formatting is more intricate
         *  the formality of the TextInput is required here.
         *  for each row in dataSet:
         *       grp.processAndFormat( TextInput(, row))

Geo Extraction: PlaceGeocoder, SolrGazetteer, GazetteerMatcher and related items
Social Geoinferencing
XTax Taxonomy/Keyword Matcher